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Penipuan lewat email

Akhir-akhir ini sepertinya sedang berkembang bisnis penipuan lewat internet setiap hari saya selalu saja mendapat email yg menawarkan berbagai macam penawaran menarik namun tidak masuk akal, sepertinya mereka mengumpulkan data untuk menipu.

Berikut contoh isi email sang penipu:

From: Solomon Ude

Kingdom greetings,
I wish the best in life for you with every members of your family, and
i hope you will receive this mail in good spirit and respond quickly
with utmost secrecy and confidentiality.
Please protect this mail for the safety of my life to avoid me being
tortured or killed because of what my late father left for me. please i
humbly beg you from the bottom of my heart and as a Christian to listen
very carefully to my plea, the situation in my country is very critical
and chaos, uproar and hostilities had brought the country to its knees
and from intelligent report the center cannot hold anymore for the
latest president (Mr. Laurent Gbagbo). The intense pressure from the rebels
in the northan, western and central part of the country had made the
security of the country unsure.
Meanwhile, permit me to inform you about my desire to go into business
relationship with you. I need all the help i could get from you at this
very moment. I am Solomon Ude, the real son of Mr and Mrs joseph Ude,
my father was a very rich farmer and cocoa merchant, based in Abidjan:
the economic capital of Ivory coast before he was poisoned to death by
his business associates on one of their outings to discuss on a business
issue. My father was married with two wives, four children while my
mother was his first wife, while i am the only son.
After my mother died on the october 24th 1990, my father took me so
special since i am motherless. Before the death of my father on december
26th 2004 in a private hospital where he was admitted, he called me
secretly to his bed side and told me about money ,the sum of us$ 5 million
(five million dollars )he lodged in a suspense account in a particular
bank here in Abidjan .
He told me that he used my name as the next beneficiary in deposit of
the money, these i will send you the document upon your request. Also he
explained to me that it was because of this money he was poisoned by
his business partner , that i should seek for a reliable foreign partner
in a country of my choice to assist me to transfer this money to an
overseas account where it will be used for a proper future investment
purpose in any lucrative business .
I am honourable soliciting for your kind assistance as follows:
(1) to provide a bank account where this money will be transfer to for
an investment purpose in a profitable out fit which you know best.
(2)to serve as the guardian of this money since i am a boy of 22 years
(3)to make arrangement for me in your country to continue my education
I am promise to offer you 15% of the total money as the mode of
compensation for your effort to assisting me after the transferring this money
to your nominated account overseas. Please i will be very happy if this
transaction will be concluded quick..
I am expecting to hear from you as soon as possible and i will like you
to give me your private telephone and the fax number in replying of
this proposal.
If you are capable and know that you will truly and honestly help me as
an adventist, please write me now hence time is no more on my side
because i really want to come your country, to continue my education that
is very, very important for me and also re-settle my dear life in your
country. Please bear in mind that this fund is not a looted or stolen
money but rather a legitimate inheritance from my late father.
Thanks and god bless you as you do hear the voice of an orphan carying.
Please reply through this email address (solo4hit@yahoo.fr).
Best Regards,
Solomon Ude.

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